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Bonus Hunter - Twelve years after

Still looking for a handsome bonus? Still feeling greedy? You've come to the right place!

You are a banker and your goal is to collect as much cash as possible. A fanfare will play when you haven proven your ability.

How to play

You control the movement of the banker Banker by the motion of your device. You collect cash Cash by crashing the banker into the cash.


Surprisingly enough, there are rules!

  • Your fellow bankers Colleague also busily hustle around once in a while. A little elbowing might earn you some extra cash or a penalty. You don't really know.
  • Only collect the good cash Cash and avoid the bad! Bad Cash
  • If you get too slow in collecting you will be punished.


Here's what the levels mean

  • Easy: Motion control works as you would expect.
  • Medium and Hard: Motion control works as you would expect on one axis and reverse in the other.
  • Very Hard: Motion control works in reverse for both axis.

Important Note

Don't take this game too seriously!