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You are a banker and your goal is to collect as much money as possible. A fanfare will play when you haven proven your ability. Take a look at this video and see the game and soundtrack in action. BonusHunter initial screen


Surprisingly enough, there are rules!

  • Your fellow bankers are also out collecting cash - do not get too close to them or even crash into them. Otherwise there's a deduction from your bonus and after you've crashed into three colleagues you are out and need to start all over again.
  • Also avoid the black hole. If you collide with a black hole you need to start all over again.
  • Exception to the rule above is when the Capitol shows up and showers you with money. That's the time to reduce the number of competitors but they have a tendency to come back quickly. This even works with the black hole.

    BonusHunter Capitol to the rescue

  • Make sure that you constantly take in cash - otherwise your character will fade into oblivion and disappear.


  • A brief sound accompanies the most important events in the game. You can adjust the volume with the slider at the top.
  • You can create more bankers by double tapping the background - but why would you want to make your life more complicated?
  • They can be moved by (multi-)touching them.
  • You can tilt the screen if you prefer to play in landscape mode.
  • To recalibrate the motion sensor, push the info button. The current device position will then be considered level.
  • If you want to reset the high score, push the info button and then the Reset High Score button. Confirm with the OK button if you are sure to set the high score to zero.
  • You can set your preferred company via the Settings application.

    BonusHunter Settings application BonusHunter Setting the company name BonusHunter The goal

Important Note

Don't take this game too seriously!