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Decide with Delora, your personal pocket Delphi Oracle!

Delora main screen


Just touch the Decide for me! button to get an unbiased, truly random Yes/No decision.

With the upper segment control you determine the speed of the decision process and animation.

Delora can also tell you her decision. Just use the lower segment control to determine how much explanation you need.

Read My Mind

Delora can also predict whether you will press the YES button or the NO button in a sequence of trials. Whenever Delora guesses right, she gets a point and otherwise you get a point. Depending on who is ahead, a picture will appear on your respectively Delora's side. Delora leads screen Delora looses screen

Winner is who reaches 51 points first! Can you beat Delora?

User looses screen

If you do not believe her predictive powers just turn on the sound and she will announce her prediction before you press the button.