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Flocky - Count your sheep!

When you push the Start button you will see a flock of sheep (and maybe a wolf) and your task is to count the sheep.

Flocky initial screen Flocky sheep Flocky herd with wolf

After the herd has shown up, a set of numbered buttons appears and you need to push the one with the number corresponding to the number of sheep you have seen before.

Flocky count pad

If you are right, you see

Flocky success

and you earn a point. If you are wrong or too slow, you see

Flocky failure

and you loose a point. Make sure that you do not count the occasional wolf - it does not belong to your flock! Your objective to get 20 times a correct count after which your counting ability will be graded.

Flocky grading

The game adapts the difficulty according to your ability. If you are correct, the difficulty will increase and otherwise it will decrease over time. As a visual feedback you will see Flocky circle if the difficulty increases and Flocky square the difficulty decreases.

When the flock is shown and you tap the screen, the numbered buttons will immediately appear.

You can choose from some predefined difficulty settings with the page control at the bottom. When you push S you can control the difficulty along various dimensions. The easiest setting is the leftmost position of the slider while the rightmost is the most difficult one.

Flocky settings

  • Time for herd determines how much time you get to see your flock.
  • Time to choose determines how much time you have to make your choice.
  • Smallest herd size determines the size of the smallest flock you will see.
  • Number of choices determines how many different flock sizes you will encounter.
  • Speed of animals determines how fast the animals (sheep and wolves) will be moving.
  • Number of wolves determines how many wolves you may encounter.
With the Save button you confirm your choice while pressing the Cancel button discards the changes you made.

If the switch Auto Level Adaptation is on, the level of the game will continuously adapt to your ability. Otherwise the level and the settings for the dimensions of difficulty remain unchanged.