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iAltair pretends to be a MITS Altair 8800 computer and gives you a glimpse how old operating systems like CP/M 2 have felt. Please note that due to some restrictions regarding interpreted code, you will not be able to create new applications on this platform. iAltair initial screen

Start Button

Starts the system selected in the list.

Restore Button

Restores the system selected in the list below and starts it. This is useful in case you have accidentally deleted some important files. Use the Start or Restore button also in case you see the message "iAltair terminated". restore dialogue

Keyboard Button

Brings the keyboard to the front so that you can interact with the system. The keyboard disappears when you touch the screen (upper) section of the application.

main screen and keyboard

Info Button

Shows an abbreviated version of this online help. Press the OK button to return to the main screen. info screen

Supported Systems

  • CP/M 2 was a popular operating system. Type "DIR" to get an overview of the files available. The directory listing looks better in landscape mode which is also supported. keyboard in landscape mode If you want to run Eliza type at the A> command prompt
    MBASIC ELIZA using MBASIC to run Eliza
  • CP/M 3 was a successor of CP/M 2 supporting banked memory.
  • CP/M 86 is CP/M for the 8086 processor.

Control Characters

In case you need to type a control character (e.g. Control-C), type the bullet character (•) which is in the "#+=" menu to the right of the Yen symbol (¥) and the screen will be inverted. The next character typed (e.g. C) will then be interpreted as the corresponding control character. keyboard in control mode


In case the system does not respond any more you can use either the Start button or the Restore button. Some application programs also terminate when a Control-C character is typed.

More Information

See www.schorn.ch for more information regarding the SIMH AltairZ80 simulator for other platforms such as Macintosh, Windows, Linux and Zaurus.