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iSheep is a simulation game about sheep and goats. It is multi touch enabled for herding and it is motion enabled when you need to control a single sheep or even a wolf. iSheep game initial screen


The game supports three different modes as described below.

Touch Game Mode

The game will start in Touch Game Mode.

  • You can simultaneously move one or more sheep or goats by touching and moving them. If you move them fast, they will continue to move quickly after release.
  • Make sure that your sheep and goats do not run into each other. This will kill both of them. The fourth collision will clear your score and you need to start all over.
  • When your sheep and goats get too close, a penalty will be deducted from your score. The figure in the bottom left corner is the number of collisions you have left before the score is reset followed by your current score. The figure to its right is the high score.
  • The sheep and goats like to eat flowers which cross their path. Blue flowers are rare and give you the most points. iSheep game in progress
  • If you leave too many flowers around uneaten you will get a message that you must feed your sheep and goats from now on. iSheep game feed request Otherwise they will turn blue and starve to death. iSheep game with hungry goat
  • Once in a while the lucky pig shows up and all the points you collect count twice. You cannot move the pig but your sheep may run into it without harm.

    iSheep game with lucky pig

  • You also earn points when an animal bounces off the edge of the screen.

Hunt Game Mode

  • If you triple tap the screen while in Touch Game Mode, you will obtain a wolf which you can control by moving your device. The wolf will follow your movements. iSheep game with wolf
  • The objective now is to hunt sheep.
  • The wolf will starve to death if it cannot get a sheep for some time.
  • If you triple tap the screen or the wolf starves, you enter Single Sheep Game Mode.

Single Sheep Game Mode

  • One of the sheep will react to device movements. iSheep game with single sheep
  • The objective is now to eat flowers and to avoid running into other sheep or goats.
  • The sheep you control with your device movements will starve to death if it does not eat a flower for some time. In this case you will return to Touch Game Mode.
  • If you triple tap the screen you are back in Touch Game Mode.


  • A brief sound accompanies the most important events in the game. You can adjust the volume with the slider at the top.
  • The background color shows you in which mode you are playing.
  • If you need more cattle, double tap the background. But remember that they do not like to get too close to each other. Triple tapping changes the game mode.
  • You can tilt the screen if you prefer to play in landscape mode. iSheep game in landscape mode
  • To recalibrate the motion sensor, push the info button. The current device position will then be considered level.
  • If you want to reset the high score, push the info button and then the Reset High Score button. Confirm with the OK button if you are sure to set the high score to zero. iSheep game confirm to reset the highscore
  • You cannot move an animal for too long without interruption. It will get bored and will escape.
  • Just for fun, an animal will change direction once in a while.
  • The hunt game and the single sheep game will become a little bit more difficult with each successfully eaten sheep or flower as the time you have to obtain the next meal will slowly decrease.