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Train your memory with sequember (SEQUEnce remeMBER)

Your objective is to memorize a sequence of pieces of a larger picture which will be shown to you. Then you have to touch the pieces in exactly the same sequence. Sequember initial screen Sequember in progress screen

If you are successful, you may try a longer sequence.

Sequember well done screen Sequember game over screen

Adjust the time gap between the presentation of successive pieces with the slider.

With the "Easier"- and "Harder"-button you can adjust the length of the sequence shown to you. Longer sequences are harder to remember.

With the button bar at the bottom you can choose the game type. When the left page is selected, you will get a new sequence every time with the same length. When the right page is selected, the current sequence will be extended as long as you get it right.

With the "Pick Photo" button you can select your own photo. Under "Reset" you find a button to select the default picture.

The meaning of the numbers (from left to right): Current level (length of sequence), maximum level achieved so far, correct solutions in a row for this level, maximum number of correct solutions in a row for this level (high score).